My story and mission

Since I can remember I was always questioning everything. Why are we here? why do we live the life we live? why do we need to eat and work and sleep? Everything was always a why . Growing up I was very intuitive and understanding, at least, I thought I was. I always did what I was told even when it went against my will and integrity and beliefs. I spent a lot of time daydreaming about what life would be like in the ideal world. We came from a 3rd world country through a time of war , when I was about 2 yrs of age, traveling days in the dessert walking off and on to get to the border of the united states from central America. Refused as refugees in the U.S but with the help of a nice American couple, we were finally accepted into Canada.

Life had begun once again , new world, new language new faces and new customs. Although we were in a new place with new beginnings there were things that were still holding us back from total freedom. The trauma of fear, anger, hurt and sadness were already there. So going forward those fears that carried over installed them selfs into my siblings and me one by one. And as we got older we face some really hard challenges that some coped with and others got trapped. I was lost thinking that I was strong enough but what I was doing was pushing it so far down the box so that I would NEVER see it again but I knew it was there And because I didn’t deal with it, it followed me everywhere and with whoever I was with. It took me many,many years to realise that my method and strategy on coping wasn’t working and that it had not gotten me anywhere but stuck. I knew I needed change because enough was enough. I also knew that with change comes fear,  the fear I needed to finally face no matter how hard and hurtful it was. I needed it to stop controlling my life. I was done being a victim and done be a saboteur . I was done contributing to the pain because I rather hold on to something I knew then to release the pain thinking that I would lose myself.

I was very much mistaken. My pain wasn’t who I was , it was what I carried with me and it will always play a part in my life but not the part it had played before. It was time to change roles. 

Now I was playing the part and the pain was no longer my weakness but my WISDOM, my POWER to prove to myself that there’s more to this life than I once thought as a child. That the fear I once had will help serve others to overcome the same obstacles and limiting decisions placed on them that kept them stuck. After my own breakthroughs and barriers,  I decided to embark on to becoming a Transformational coach specialising in relationships with oneself and others. I never want someone else to experience the pain I once did.  It’s my mission to teach others to transform their life by empowering them with the tools to conquer all.  It isn’t too late for any of you. With my techniques, we can transform your life faster than you ever thought possible. I’m here to share my stories and inspirations in hopes that something will resonate with you and help you rediscover your path again. 

Join me on the journey to self-discovery, I promise you will have a least one AHA moment. If you feel you need a more extensive approach you can alway contact me for a private session and together we will kick out! those limiting beliefs and give you the confidence and power you’ve always had. Imagine the possibilities!

Are you ready ?

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    • Thank you for your comments, please do read more, I have so much to share and everyone who reads these story’s are closer to there true authentic self every single time.

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