Release the pain now!

There lots of ways our body carries pain. Common areas of irritation are the lower back, middle and upper shoulders. Do you find yourself constantly rubbing your shoulders after a long day of work? or do you feel back pain when you least expect it and can’t afford to take time off? These are common traits of emotional pain being weighed on the body and the body talking back. 

It might surprise you that your emotions could be causing your physical pain. “Yes, your emotions”. Notice whenever the pain presents its self, asks “how am I feeling right now”? As you go in deeper and deeper as to how you feel or why you feel the way you feel you may just surprise yourself in what your underlying issue may be.

482According to one of my favourite authors Louise Hays. Here are representations  that are commonly used. They may or may not resonate with you, but give it a try.  Our back is our support so it could be that you feel life is not supporting you right now or that someone is not there for you. Lower back problems are often associated with money financial/worries. The middle back often represents guilt issues. The upper back can represent a lack of emotional support, feeling unloved or not giving love. Our shoulders represent our ability to experience joy in life. IE. life’s a burden. Our neck is associated with flexibility so it could be that you are feeling in-flexible about a certain situation or person.

Our body talks to us and sometimes it may seem that the pain comes from a past event or physical trauma and that may be the case but emotions can play a big role in the contribution to the pain that’s already there. So take some time to ask yourself what it is that is causing you this much pain at this precise moment, did something or someone just change your mood or experience. You will soon find out that with the right techniques you can relieve yourself of unnecessary pain. So just give yourself a chance and listen to your body.up-to-77-off-pain-relief-719642-regular (1)

If you find that you need a more extensive approach then you can always contact me for further help. I hope this gives you some clarity as to what is going on with your body when the tension gets hot.

15 thoughts on “Release the pain now!

    • Thank you eshtadiva, yes emotions tell our body that we need to stop and deal with what we are not wanting too. Once we figure it out and let it go then it will let go of us too. Thank you😊


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